Will, Trust & Estate Litigation Attorneys Serving the Roanoke Valley and Southwest Virginia

Will, Trust, Estate & Fiduciary Litigation

Mr. Whitlow has unique and specialized experience in the area of Virginia will, trust, estate and fiduciary litigation.  The large majority of his practice is devoted to this area of the law. His strength in this area lies not only in his extensive experience, but in his recognition of the complex emotional and familial issues that often drive these disputes.  Mr. Whitlow works to achieve positive results for his clients that also take into account the legal and interpersonal issues that exist in this area of Virginia law.  Mr. Whitlow’s particular areas of practice in this area include:

  • Will contests (both challenging and defending wills);
  • Suits related to non-probate assets, such as joint bank accounts, investment accounts, and insurance policies;
  • Fiduciary litigation, including removal and defense of executors, administrators, trustees and persons acting under a power of attorney;
  • Suits for aid and guidance to interpret or construe wills and trusts; and
  • Termination or modification of trusts;
  • Disputes relating to estate and trust administration, including interpretation of will and trust documents.